All film comes in rolls for easy storage and production, size include:

Width 50 cm  X Length 600 meters

Width 60 cm  X Length 500 meters

Width 100cm X Length 250 meters



For all the WTP process needs top coat to protect water transfer printing grain. 

you can select UV grade to make finished harder. however,  

YHT WTP film with UV resistance, and approval by SGS test report, the quality can extend durable. 

The essential components are:
a. The ink film with selected design/pattern,
b. Patented activator,
c. A hand sanding device,
d. A spray gun and air compressor,
e. Primer, the selected base coat paint, and clear acrylic paint,
f. The specifically designed water tank,
g. A device to hold the item while it is being dipped, and,
h. A constant water supply, draining system, and an aerated room.

Water Transfer Printing is economical and overcomes problems faced by conventional methods such as hot printing, screen printing, transfer printing, and conversion coating. 

Water transfer printing also known as immersion printing, water transfer imaging, hydro dipping, hydrographic dip, watermarbling, cubic printing or 3D printing, is a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional surfaces.
You should use the base coat color paint to match the desired film pattern.
If you had sparyed too less activator on the film during the dipping process, there will be air bubble created on the item surface after the transfer printing.
If you had spried too much activator on the film during the dipping process, the film ink (patterns) will come out from the item (slip from the item)
The objects should be dried completely before doing dipping.