Machines and spare parts

3M Semi-Auto Dipping Machine equipped with Auto film layer+Auto spray system & A2 Production Arm

Dipping tank + Auto film layer + Auto spray system A powerful combination of all necessary important processes for WTP processing. From the very beginning laying, and the following activator spraying to the final dipping stage, done the main WTP process with only one button.  YHT-223A2XF  Auto film layer, and auto spray system.  not only makes WTP even simple, but more important – stability. Useful water transfer printing equipment. this system can memorize multiple sets of different processes OPTIONAL:  Auto film layer+Auto spray system  A2 Production Arm – Aluminum extrusion 

2M Semi-Auto Type Water Washing

One by one washing station is to help removing the residue of films and activator by water washing.  Single batch of washing automatically with water circulation perfectly meet the capabilities of diverse dipping machines.

Semi-Auto Dipping Machine with A2 Production Arm & XY Auto Spray System

YHT-221A2XY is 1 meter standard dipping machine with A2 Production Arm which can dip various shapes of parts both manually or use production arm. Also temperature controlled tank meet the small volume requirement. High durability of tank structure with heavy loading production arm and water circulation by dual filters system are the best working tool for your Water Transfer Printing business. XY Auto Spray System spray the even activator amount per time. Different kinds of size and types are available A2 Production Arm is made by aluminum extrusion, with the strengthen material it improves the stability when transfer print heavy or large objects.  this system can memorize multiple sets of different processes

2.7M Conveyor Type Water Washing Station (with heater)

With 360∘water washing by high performance nozzle surrounded, all of residue of films and activator will completely washed away with perfect decoration remained. High daily working output with conveyor speed adjustment and 100% water circulation are all very efficient for your production. Option: Without heater